Figs consumption maintenance


The figs are very different in color and texture depending on the variety. Most of themare in dry form either because of their exposure to sunlight or because of human treatment. Since fresh ones are not preserved for long, they must be purchased a day or two before consumption in special packaging, away from other foods and in cool temperatures. The ones that are in dry form should also be kept in a cool, dark place also in special packaging in order not to be spoilt by the air. Before eating them, we wash fresh figs thoroughly with cool water and afterwards we peel them gently. Dried figs, besides their mere consumption, can also be placed for several minutes in water to make them more juicy. Their consumption is also tastier when eaten with oats or yogurt. Because of their alkaline pH they have been considered more beneficial for those who want to quit smoking. In cooking and baking they are a favorite ingredient in desserts, jams, jellies, cakes, pies. The figs add flavor and nutrients. Furthermore, due to a substance which they contain, they keep products fresh and soft for a long time. In East Asia, and elsewhere, they were also consumed as a juice. In Mediterranean countries, figs are also used in the manufacture of alcohol and tobacco. Dried figs, after being processed, can be used as an alternative to coffee.